Drafting Technology

Grades 11-12; 1 credit

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an introduction to print reading, sketching, and manual drafting. The course will cover the proper use of tools and equipment, freehand lettering techniques, technical drafting skills, sketching, orthographic projection, and isometric drawing in addition to a basic understanding of residential print reading. After completion of this course, the student will have the necessary requirements to enter into studies in Architectural Drafting and Estimating or the Construction Management Technology program.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an introduction to the operation and application of computer-aided drafting utilizing the latest version of AutoCAD software. Drawing and editing commands are studied and utilized in a final project along with layers, dimensioning and text styles. Laptop computers are provided by the home schools for drafting students during AutoCAD session of the class.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an introduction to residential material and labor estimating. The basic principles of construction estimating are covered. Material lists, calculations, and costs are made for several different houses and pole type construction.


This course is available for college credit at 70% off the regular tuition rate.  College courses recognized are TECH 101 for 2 college credits; and CAD 120 for 3 college credits – in addition to high school credit.  Student cost for TECH 101 – 2 semester hours is $113.36; and for CAD 120 – 3 semester hours is $150.87.



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