Optics lab
Metrologic’s Laser Optics Lab contains more than 30 optical parts and accessories for demonstrating the principles of optics in a basic course of physics or physical science.

With the lab components and instructions, students can:

  • Measure the wavelength of light using the techniques of Young, Michelson and Lloyd
  • Construct optical levers to detect and measure very small movements that are almost imperceptible to the human eye
  • Test a lens for defects, collimate light and check vision
  • Capture light in an arcing water jet or a glass fiber and investigate fiber optics phenomena
  • View a hologram, observe interference rings and measure the diffraction patterns with a ruler
  • Determine the index of refraction of a liquid or transparent solid by measuring the bend in the intense laser beam as it enters or leaves the material
  • Investigate reflection, refraction and critical angle
  • Study characteristics of light: wavelength, interference, diffraction and polarizationThe lab also contains an optics bench system, consisting of metal component carriers that attach magnetically to a steel optical table, and a 68-page instruction booklet. Besides guiding the student through 35 exercises in optics, the booklet also explains theory of laser operation, how lasers are made, and laser safety.

Each kit includes:

  • 4 Laser Transmitters and Receivers, Fiber Optics & Properties of Light