Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sports and Entertainment Marketing – MISO3- 04240
Grades 9-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks

To prepare students for marketing occupations in the area of sports and entertainment. Take a look at the exciting and dynamic field of sports and entertainment marketing. One of the largest industries in the world, sports marketing provides a unique way of looking at the business world. This course will focus on the two main aspects of sports and entertainment marketing: 1) the marketing of sports and entertainment, and 2) the marketing on non-sports products and services through sports. You will discover why companies pay to be associated with a team or entertainer;  how to develop ticket plans to fill the seats in the arena; why targeting your marketing efforts is so important; and more.

Course Description: Sports & Entertainment Marketing is a business course designed to use today’s broad based athletic, sports and entertainment dynamic as a foundation for students to learn communication skills in concert with advertising, sales, marketing, and media development. Students will learn how to develop marketing strategies with a focus on advertising media targeted at the world of college and professional athletics and major entertainment venues. The final project for the class will consist of student developed multi-media presentations for the marketing of a professional athletic team or major entertainment attraction. Internet marketing activities will include learning how to utilize Google research and marketing tools and how to market and sell items with on-line auction tools including actual set up and live sales on E-Bay.