The Lab-Volt Robot System, Model 5150, provides complete and affordable training in the programming and operation of industrial robots. Through the curriculum and hands-on experience with the Robot System, students learn to create automated work cells.

The precision-built, articulated arm of the Robot represents an important step in automation and handling.

A stepper motor, located in the base of the unit, provides horizontal rotation while five additional stepper motors, located in the shoulder, provide precision movements of the articulations and end effector.

The Robot has five axes of rotation plus a gripper and is able to use all joints simultaneously to perform a programmed move sequence.

Each articulation can be controlled and moved independently. Movements of the joints are accomplished by belts through a series of gears, while the gripper mechanism is activated by cables and belt-driven pulleys.


  • Stepper motors
  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Gears and timing belts transmission
  • Easily adjustable belt tension pulleys to maintain positional accuracy
  • Oilite bushings for durability, minimum maintenance, and lubrication
  • On-board microprocessor
  • 4 TTL input ports
  • 4 TTL output ports
  • 4 12-V dc device outputs
  • USB communication port
  • Teach Pendant communication port

RoboCIM 5150 Software

  • Easy-to-use, menu-driven software
  • Simulation and control modes
  • Three-dimensional (3D) virtual environment
  • Seven predefined layout/camera view settings
  • Programming without actual equipment
  • Point recorder panel to easily record, rename, view coordinates, hide, and delete points
  • Create and run simple task programs using icons and graphical tools (no keyboard input required)
  • Create and run simple and complex task programs by entering all necessary commands using the keyboard
  • Powerful set of task commands such as: Delay, Do-Until, If-Else, Gosub, Home, Input, Output, While-Repeat, and many others

Each Kit Includes:

  • 3 Lab Volt Robotic Units with CNC Teach Pendant
  • Conveyor, Carousel, Linear Slide and Gravity Slide