This lab was designed to provide science teachers and electronics students with a meaningful and exciting introductory course in electronics. No previous electronic knowledge is required. The EKI Science Electronics Lab stimulates students’ minds by using easy to understand experiments to increase their knowledge about electronics and explain how much electronics is a part of our world. Science project ideas will come as thirty experiments are built while working with integrated circuits, light emitting diodes (LED’s), photocells, semiconductors, etc. The lab was prepared for individuals of 10 years of age and up. This lab provides a basic understanding of analog DC and AC electronic circuits. In addition, oscilloscopes, digital volt meters, electronic trainer boards, and one resistance/inductance/capacitance (RLC) meter are included in the module. The main objectives of this lab include:

  • Recognize the basic components used in electronics
  • Learn the names and schematic symbols of electronic components
  • Learn to follow and understand electronic schematic diagrams
  • Learn the basic function of electronic components
  • Learn how to construct electronic devices by following schematic diagrams
  • Investigate Kirkoff’s Law for series and parallel circuits

Each kit includes:

  • 6 Electronic Trainer Boards
  • 6 Digital Volt Meters & 1 Resistance / Inductance / Capacitance (RLC) Meter
  • 2 AC / DC Oscilloscopes
  • 3 Notebook Computers with Electronics Workbench Circuit Simulator
  • 6 EKI Circuit Lab 1 with 30 Different Circuit Projects