Foundations of Automotive

Foundations of Automotive (MISO3- 17029)
Grades 9-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks

To prepare students to understand the features of a vehicle. Learn safety around the shop and vehicle. Explore careers in the auto industry. Learn proper care and use of hand tools and shop equipment for basic vehicle maintenance. Understand care of a vehicle, cleaning, and maintenance. Learn to be an informed consumer of a vehicle purchase and care.

Course Description: Foundations of Automotive is an introductory course for any student that drives an automobile. Most automotive courses are taught in a way that is gearing towards students exploring the idea of a career in the automotive industry. Automotive Essentials will provide the student the fundamental knowledge and experience in owning and maintaining their own vehicles.

Objectives and/or Goals: This course focuses on what every car owner should know and be able to do, while also introducing them to the rapidly advancing field of automotive technology. The student will be introduced to how cars work, buying an automobile, automotive expenses, repair facilities, safety around the automobile, tools and equipment, auto care and cleaning, fluid level check, electrical system, lubrication systems, fuel system, cooling system and climate control, ignition systems, suspension, steering and tires, braking system, drive-train, exhaust and emission system and alternative fuels and designs, automotive accessories and common problems and roadside emergencies. The class discussion, videos and lab activities will provide the student with basic knowledge and experience they need to responsibly own and take care of a car.