Vinyl Cutter

roland_versastudio_bn-20__36212_stdvinyl cutter


We are excited to announce that we have purchased new curriculum for our Vinyl Cutter Module.  The new curriculum is produced by another consortium and comes with many positive comments from teachers that have used the curriculum.  We will continue to use the same Roland GX 24 cutters, but will add the new curriculum and bring back the T-shirt press into the module.  We have also ordered new computers to go with this module and will be transitioning to CorelDraw as the software to design the projects.  We believe this will be an asset to you as instructors because CorelDraw is familiar software being used in our Laser Engraver Module.

The Roland Versa Studio BN-20 vinyl cutter/printer was added to the high tech modules in the fall of 2017.  This versatile desk-top version is a compact but powerful cutter/printer that offers wide-format media cutting and printing that can be used in a variety of ways for creating t-shirt graphics, poster prints, stickers and decals.