Spanish I – MISO3- 06211
Grades 9-12;  1 credit; 36 weeks

Designed to introduce students to Spanish language and culture, Spanish I emphasizes basic grammar and syntax, simple vocabulary, and the spoken accent so that students can read, write, speak, and understand the language at a basic level within predictable areas of need, using customary courtesies and conventions. Spanish culture is introduce through the art, literature, customs, and history of Spanish speaking people.

Course description: Spanish I is an introductory course covering basic grammar and conversational skills. Students will study various vocabulary including family, colors, numbers, weather, body parts, food, sports, cities and pastime activities. Students will be able to read simple text and participate in basic conversation. The students will be able to convey their knowledge of this material through reading, writing, and speaking.

Spanish II – MISO3- 06212
Grades 10-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks

Spanish II builds upon skills developed in Spanish I, extending students ability to understand and express themselves in Spanish and increasing their vocabulary. Typically, students learn how to engage in discourse for informative or social purposed, write expressions or passages that show understanding of sentence construction and the rules of grammar, and comprehend the language when spoken slowly. Students usually explore the customs, history, and art forms of Spanish speaking people to deepen their understanding of the culture(s).

Course Description: Spanish II is a continuation of Spanish I where the students will enhance their grammar and vocabulary skills as well as adding additional information. Students will student vocabulary and grammar related to air, car and train travel, advanced food, restaurant and cooking, daily routine activities,  Hispanic celebration, farm and city life and hotel stays. Students will explore the Latin America culture and customs through videos, reading materials and hands on activities. Students will be able to participate in advanced conversations and be able to read and understand authentic materials.