Vet Science – online

Introduction to Veterinary Science- MISO3- 01067
Grades 11-12; 1/2 credit; 18 weeks

This course is designed to prepare students for careers in the filed of animal science by introducing them to veterinary practices as they relate to both large and small animal species. The student participate in laboratory and field investigations and demonstrate safety by using critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem solving to make informed decisions. They will research and describe this history of veterinary medicine, current topics, the importance on animals in society, and the professional ethics and laws that relate to veterinary medicine. The student will learn to explain the human-animal bond and describe the legal aspects of animal welfare. The student will identify anatomical structures and systems of animals and correct terminology while exploring animal management as it relates to animal identification, animal characteristics, and behavioral temperament (i.e. normal behavior compared to sick.) The student will evaluate animal diseases and identifies internal and external parasites, and can evaluate an animal’s health during a clinical examination while safely operating and maintaining equipment used in veterinary science. The student will also learn to determine nutritional requirements and the importance of nutrition in maintaining a healthy animal. The student will thereby be conscious of procedures, skills, and objectives that are included in the job description of an animal care assistant.

Course Description: As you proceed through this course, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of veterinary medicine, primarily focusing on the different body systems of the major species of pets and domesticated agricultural animals. Each lesson will examine concepts in veterinary medicine that will provide you with a very broad understanding of what the filed of veterinary science is today. It is not the purpose of this course to turn you into a veterinarian, but rather to help you develop an appreciation for the vast nature of the science and to help you understand what is involved in this field.