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Grades 10-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks

To prepare students for marketing and occupations. The contents cover receiving, checking, and marking merchandise; budgeting’ pricing for a proper margin; markups and markdowns; history of retailing and display, advertising and sales promotion. Marketing functions include pricing and promotion and foundations of communication and interpersonal skills.

Upon completion of Marketing II, students will demonstrate knowledge in marketing information systems, economics, business management, financing and product service management skills within the marketing world.  They will also be able to demonstrate their knowledge in applying these concepts in situations where they will have to use critical thinking skills to help problem solve. Students will also complete a year in the DECA organization where they will learn leadership skills, public speaking skills and team building skills.


Grades 10-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks
PREREQUISITES: Health Sciences concurrent or previous enrollment

In this course, students will develop skills necessary for decoding of commonly used medicals terms. Students will learn the meaning of medical suffixes, prefixes, and word roots. Students will learn terminology associated with the body systems, diseases and disorders of those systems. Students will be expected to use correct spelling and pronunciation of medical terms they have learned. Students will also learn common medical abbreviations.