Marketing Education I

Marketing Education I – MISO3 – 04210
Grades 9-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks

Marketing I is a course that develops student understanding and skills in such areas as business law, communication skills, customer relations, economics, emotional intelligence, financial analysis, human resource management, information management, marketing, operations, professional development, and strategic management. Students acquire knowledge of fundamental business activities and factors affecting business, develop verbal and written communication skills, use information literacy skills, utilize job-seeking strategies, and participate in career planning.

Course Description: Marketing Education I provides student with an overview of marketing occupations. It covers human relations, personality in business, business math and communications, cash register operation, change making, employee cooperation, personal grooming, career opportunities, product knowledge, consume buying motives, and personal selling. Marketing function include distribution and selling & foundations of economics.

Objectives and/or Goals: Upon completion of Marketing I, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge in distribution practices, pricing, selling, promotions and communications withing the marketing world. They will also be able to demonstrate their knowledge in applying these concepts in situations where they will have to use critical thinking skills to help problem solve. Students will also complete a year in the DECA organization where they will learn leadership skills, public speaking skills and team building skills.