About us

Welcome to the Southeast Region Career and Technology Center


This cooperation allows you to enroll in classes and enjoy educational opportunities that would not be possible by your school alone. Career and Technical Education classes can provide you with job entry skills, the background you need to succeed in a wide variety of related occupations, and the knowledge to go on for more education and training at a junior college, college, university or technical college.

Southeast Region Career and Technology Center classes are held at Oakes, the North Dakota State College of Science Campus, Edgeley High School, Lidgerwood High School, Lisbon High School, North Sargent High School, Richland #44 High School, Wyndmere High School, Wahpeton High School, the Center Office in Wahpeton, and over the Greater Southeast Interactive TV System.


The Southeast Region Career & Technology Center will:
  • Work to provide the best career/technical programs, curriculums, and educational services possible.
  • Be a recognized progressive leader in career/technical education and shared educational services, which include creating and cultivating those elements of change that can result in educational improvement.
  • Provide opportunities for students in Career and Technical Education classes that will maximize their levels of achievement in their chosen career/technical class and motivate and excite them about school, life, and the world of work. Provide encouragement and support participation in Career and Technical Youth Organizations for the development of leadership and citizenship.
  • Maintain a positive climate for teaching and learning, developing by actions and example, a sense of fair play and hard work.

Notice of Civil Rights Nondiscrimination

The Southeast Region Career and Technology Center does not discriminate of the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, genetics, religion, age, or disability in employment or the provision of services, and complies with the provisions of the North Dakota Human Rights Act.

Dan Spellerberg, Director