Virtual Reality Headset System

The VIVE Focus Series 3 Virtual Reality Headset System is an all-in-one VR solution for professionals. It offers sharp 5k resolution, up to 120-degree wide field of view and 90Hz refresh rate. Enjoy the most comfortable VR experience with innovative counterweight design that delivers ergonomic comfort with near 50-50 front-back balance while experiencing true wireless VR freedom with a sleek all-in-one form factor and precise room scale tracking without the requirement of a tethered PC, base stations, or external sensors.  See and use your hands in VR for a more intuitive metaverse experience, and set down your controllers anytime to activate 26-point hand tracking, allowing you a new level of precision as you interact with your virtual surroundings.  Unlock custom actions within your VR applications with built-in hand gesture recognition.  Content compatibility required. 

Controller-Free VR:  Navigate menus with a simple pinch of your fingers

True Virtual Hands:  Click, drag, scroll and type with your bare hands.

Safety Made Easy:  Seamlessly draw the boundaries of your physical space.

A Solid Foundation:  Set your virtual floor height with a simple push of your hands.

Remote Collaboration:  Work with your team across physical distance and multiple locations.  Engage just like in-person with powerful and interactive VR tools.

What’s included:

VIVE Focus 3 headset
Controller (L)
Controller (R)
Lanyards x 2
AC adapter
Splitter cable (Charging only)
Lens cleaning cloth

Make learning and teaching more fun, convenient and engaging via immersive VR experiences.