Prevention/Care of Athletic Injuries

Prevention/Care of Athletic Injuries – MISO3 – 07034
Grades 10-12; 1/2 credit; 18 weeks

Provides the student with background in athletic training and basic health care. The course emphasizes injury prevention, first responder management daily for athletic injuries and skills to fulfill the activities of daily living. Students will be able in one semester to complete the requirements to become a student athletic trainer.

Course Description: Give a foundation of Athletic Training and sports medicine. The course is designed to give the student general foundations and concepts relative to injury prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation.

Objectives and Goals:

  • Identify medical specialists who make up a quality sports medicine team
  • Realize the duties commonly expected of the dual role played by the coach/athletic trainer
  • Utilize supplies and equipment in the athletic training room
  • Apply scientific principles in physical conditioning to a specifically designed training program
  • Demonstrate and describe the purpose of taping techniques presented in class
  • Identify common treatments and rehabilitation procedures for various athletic injuries
  • Identify nutritional needs of athletes and develop meal plans to meet requirements for energy used in athletics and apply these needs to a specifically designed program
  • Develop first aid skills and recognition skill of athletic injuries