Work- Based Learning Guidelines

Work- Based Learning

Elective:    Open to all students currently enrolled or who have been enrolled in a career, technical, business, or agriculture education program.
1 credit:    Upon completion of 180 hours of approved on the job training. Students may receive .5 credit for 90 hours of on the job training
Prerequisites:    Past or present enrollment in a Career/Tech class

Work-Based Learning cannot be used to meet one of the five class requirements!

Work Based Learning Guidelines:

The following guidelines are provided to give students interested in or involved in the Work-Based Learning Program a list of expectations and requirements for successful involvement and completion of the program.

  1. All students must attend and be registered on a full-time bases. For juniors and seniors, one registered period per day may be used for a qualified Work-Based Learning component. Release for school may be granted for one period per day as part of the experience.
  2. For 9th and 10th grade students. NO release from school will be permitted for Work-Based Learning experience.  Juniors and seniors may be released from school only by special exception and all proper paperwork is completed by both students and employer. The exception must also have approval from the home school principal, counselor, or director. Only two credits will be granted during a student’s high school career for Work-Based Learning.
  3. Students must register for the Work-Based Learning Program just as they would register for any other class with appropriate approval from parents and their high school principal.
  4. Students are not to count on their credit from the Work-Based Learning Program/SAE in meeting their high school graduation requirements. Loss of employment or change in job will be allowed to prevent a student from graduating from high school.
  5. Students enrolled in the Work-Based Learning Program are expected to maintain passing grades in school, maintain regular attendance and are not allowed out  of schoolwork to conflict with their education program.
  6. Students who enroll n Work- Based Learning do not have to use school time to take part in the program, but may include after school and weekend hours in order to balance the time requirements of school, studies, extracurricular involvement, and still enjoy a Work-Based Learning job.
  7. One unit of credit will be granted for successful completion of all the requirements of the Work-Based Learning Program. A limit of one credit is placed upon a student for a work experience that takes place at one job station. These requirements include:
    1. 180 hours of work experience= 1 credit. This is an average of 5 hours per week. Instructors may grant partial credit.
    2. The workstation/job site conforms to state and federal wage and hour laws and regulations.
    3. Students receiving or have received instruction in career/technical, business, or agricultural programs.
    4. Students maintain the required wage and hour documentation.
    5. Students may be issued partial credit Work-Based Learning.