Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science (MISO3 – 01067 for Ag credit)
grades 11-12; 18 weeks; 1/2 credit
taught online or in person

This course is designed to prepare students for careers in the field of animal science by introducing them to veterinary practices as they relate to both large and small animal species. They will research and describe the history of veterinary medicine, current topics, the importance of animals in society, and the professional ethics laws that relate to veterinary medicine.

Course Description: As you proceed through this course, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of veterinary medicine, primarily focusing on the different body systems of the major species of pets and domesticated agricultural animals. Each lesson will examine concepts in veterinary medicine that will provide you with a very broad understanding of what the field of veterinary science is today. It is not the purpose of this course to turn you into a veterinarian, but rather to help you develop an appreciation for the vast nature of the science and to help you understand what in involved in this field.

This course will focus on Vet Science and related careers as a Veterinary Doctor, Vet. Tech, Vet lab assistant, small animal care and grooming. Technical skills in animal husbandry, rations, feeding, diseases, breeding and showmanship. Pet care, kennel operations, pet grooming and pet training and pet showmanship will be a focus areas.