Baking and Pastry Science

Food Service/Culinary Arts (Baking & Pastry Science) – MISO3 -09213
Grades 9-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks

To prepare students for occupations concerned with the preparation and service of food. Content may include: opportunities in the food service industry; career maturity skills; legislation affecting the industry and its workers; safety and sanitation; organization of food preparation and service areas; developing skill and quantity food preparation; menu planning and recipe selection; food purchasing; financial management; current issues in food service; community work experience and/or laboratory simulation; balancing work and family; leadership development.

Course Description: Baking and pastry. This’s it! Learn how baking and the fundamentals of baking through hands-on, real life projects. This course covers a wide array of topics from understanding ingredients such as flours, sugars, fats, eggs, milk and cocoa, along with principles such as leavening, thickening and gelling. Units may include breads (quick, artisan, yeast and laminated), cookies and brownies, pies and tarts, pastry and deserts, cakes and icings, ice creams, and specialty products such as chocolate and sugar work. This course will be tailored to higher level baking and confectionery skills and student interests.