Wood Router


The Techno CNC 3024 Wood Router is small enough to fit in a classroom, but large enough to do real projects fast. It utilizes CNC language to convert an image from Mastercam to be routered in wood. The hands-on curriculum teaches students the basics of G-Code, CNC Machining and an introduction to the Mastercam software. Students will learn by making real world products they can take home and utilize in everyday life. The areas of impact are Ag, Math and Tech Ed.

Each unit includes the following:

  • Techno LC 30X24 Router
  • 4 Cam Clamps
  • 1 Curriculum Tool Set
  • 6 sets of Mastercam X6 Software
  • 1 Acer Controller with Monitor
  • 6 laptop computers
  • 1 Introduction to CNC Machining Curriculum