Agricultural Mechanics I & II

Agricultural Mechanics I & II (MISO3 – 01043/01044)
Grades 10-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks

Agricultural Mechanics courses are designed to reinforce and extend students’ understanding of applied mechanical applications by associating scientific principles and concepts with relevant applications in fields associated with mechanics. Students will be exposed to mechanical, fluid, electrical, and thermal power that are associated with the field of agriculture. Course sequence is designed to provide student with applied activities which may include: metal fusion (welding), structures, surveying, electrical wiring principles, agricultural power and equipment, plumbing, electric motors and controls, CNC, robotics, CADD, Lasers, GIS and GPS systems. Leadership development and supervised agricultural experiences are integral to these courses.

Course Description: This applied course is designed to enhance student’s perception of agriculture, its applications, and leadership development as the core foundation of the Agriculture Education program. Individual units will familiarize the student with: basic mechanical theory and skills. Areas of emphasis include leadership skills,plant science, animal science, mechanical skills, and agricultural economics.