Entrepreneurship – MISO3- 04111
Grades 9-12; 1 credit; 36 weeks

To provide opportunity for students to explore self-employment benefits versus risks and to develop specific competence in starting a small business. It covers the characteristics of an entrepreneur, economics and the nature of small business, feasibility study Business Plan Development, type of ownership, location, financing, record keeping, management, promotion, legal issues, business protection, assistance.

Course Description: Entrepreneurship is a course designed to provide an introduction to the process of turning an idea into a successful start-up business. A primary focus is for the student to explore the potential of being a successful entrepreneur. The course introduces the student to the processes for creating a successful business plan. The student will use entrepreneurial discovery processes, assess opportunities for venture creation, and develop communication skills to convince others of the potential success to implement the business entity. This course also includes units on personal finance and web page design. The student will explore topics that include creating and designing appealing and technically sound websites for businesses as well as successful long term saving and investing strategies. Projects in this course will include creating, developing, and presenting a hypothetical business plan, designing a website, and composing a theoretical investment portfolio. Students in this course will have the opportunity to showcase and improve on their skills at DECA contests and conferences throughout the year.