NDCTE Scholarship

North Dakota Academic or CTE and North Dakota Scholarships.

Two merit-base scholarships were created during the 2009 legislative session: the North Dakota Academic Scholarship and the North Dakota Career & Technical (CTE) Scholarship. These scholarships are aimed at increasing high school rigor and retaining college students in North Dakota.

The new North Dakota scholarship was created during the 2021 Legislative Session through the approval of SB2289. It will gradually replace the current Academic and CTE Scholarships. Students graduating in 2022, 2023, or 2024 can use either the old (Academic/CTE Scholarship) requirements, or the new North Dakota Scholarship requirements. Starting with the graduating class of 2025, students can only use the new North Dakota Scholarship requirements. Students cannot earn more than one of the three scholarships (Academic, CTE, or North Dakota). The purpose of the new North Dakota Scholarship is to align scholarship requirements to the Choice Ready initiative.  The new requirements align to Choice Ready, but will be more rigorous that what is required for Choice Ready. Please click here for more information on the new North Dakota Scholarship.

ND State Scholarship Data
SRCTC Member Schools

2023 Percentages

Ellendale 62.50%
Oakes 30.77%
Lisbon 50%
Fairmount 20%
Hankinson 25%
Lidgerwood  31.25%
Richland #44 47.06%
Wahpeton 34.52%
Wyndmere 17.65%
Sgt. Central 71.43%
North Sargent 35.71%
Milnor 0%
Edgeley 41.75%

SRCTC Percentage 38.14 %
Statewide Average 22%