Award of Excellence

The Southeast Region Career and Technology Center Award of Excellence is public recognition of one student each month for academic excellence, outstanding service, a positive work ethic, and achievements that are above and beyond the call of duty, all the context of the learning environment associated with Career and Technical Education opportunities.

The Southeast Region Career and Technology Center Board, staff, and administration are all partners in recognizing the “Best of the Best” among our student body through the Award of Excellence.

The criteria for selection shall include but not be limited to the following: academic achievement, leadership, work habits, volunteers, citizenship, involvement, youth group participation, reliability, trustworthiness, and maturity.

Any student enrolled in a Southeast Region Career and Technology Center class is eligible for consideration and nomination by their instructor or instructors.  This award is not grade point or grade level sensitive.

Nominations will be made by the faculty each month and approved by the Southeast Region Career and Technology Center Board of Education.  Up to two students per month may be selected for this honor.