Greater Southeast Dual Credits/NDSCS

 Greater Southeast Dual Credits/NDSCS
College Credit Courses through NDSCS
(College Tuition Required)

COURSE TITLE: ENGLISH 110 – College Composition I (Fall Semester)
Grades 10-12; 3 Semester hours

Course Description: An introduction to college level writing as a process of drafting, revising and editing. This course emphasizes critical reading, writing, thinking and research skills as students write for a variety of audiences and purposes. Students will receive guided instruction in the writing process as they begin writing based on personal experiences. An introduction to proper crediting of course material and research will occur toward the end of the course.
Prerequisite: Placement test
Student Cost: *approximately $444.75-$150 = $294.75 ($148.25/college credit)

COURSE TITLE: ENGLISH 120 – Composition II (Spring Semester)
Grades 10-12; 3 Semester hours

Course Description: Continued practice of college level writing process and strategies, building on skills learned in English 110. This course refines critical reading, writing, thinking and research skills. Students will practice summary and analysis of texts, as well as synthesizing information from primary and secondary sources. Writing assignments will emphasize logical argument, persuasion and collaboration. Major assignments will require proper crediting of course material and research.
Prerequisite: English 110
Student Cost: *approximately $444.75-$150 = $294.75 

COURSE TITLE: MATH 103 – College Algebra (Fall Semester)
Grades 10-12; 3 Semester hours

Course Description: Relations and functions, equations and inequalities, complex numbers, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions. Emphases on use of real data using symbolic, numerical and graphical methods.
Prerequisite: ASC 093 or placement test
Student Cost: *approximately $444.75-$150 = $294.75 

COURSE TITLE: MATH 210 – Elementary Statistics (Spring Semester)
Grades 10-12; 3 Semester hours

Course Description: An introduction to statistical methods of gathering, presenting and analyzing data; estimating means, proportions, confidence intervals, and testing hypotheses; probability and probability distributions; and linear regression and correlation.
Prerequisite: ASC 093 or placement test
Student Cost: *approximately $444.75-$150= $294.75


College Credit Early Entry classes are fee based with students being responsible for the tuition costs and $35 application fee to the North Dakota State College of Science.

All students are subject to entrance requirements as follows:



ACT English and Reading Exams > 18; OR

Next-Gen ACCUPLACER Writing > 256 AND

Next-Gen ACCUPLACER Reading > 256

MATH 103, 210

ACT Mathematics Exam > 21; OR



Students from Greater Southeast ITV Consortium member schools taking English 110/120 or Math 103/210 are eligible for a $150 credit per class in the form of tuition assistance to lower the final cost to the student.

Example:  Math 103 (3 college credits):

Tuition  ($142.71/credit)      $428.13

Connect ND ($5.50/credit)      16.50

Student Fee ($.04/credit)              .12

Total                                                 $444.75

Less GSE Honorarium        – $150.00

Net to student                            $294.75

The NDSCS Refund schedule and drop deadlines can be accessed through the following link:

[].  Please contact the NDSCS Dual Credit Office directly to inquire or inform of a drop:, 701-671-2437; or, 701-671-2406.

  *Tuition and fee amount will vary slightly when 2022-2023 rates are finalized.