Vertical Mill

Vertical Mill

The 5400 CNC Mill is a state-of-the-art machining system that provides training in computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer-numerically controlled (CNC) milling. The 5400 CNC Mill curriculum, industry standard software, and high-precision equipment enable course planning for beginning to advanced levels of CAD, CAM, and CNC operations. Training on the 5400 CNC Mill helps students gain skills that are transferable to jobs in manufacturing.

The 5400 CNC Mill features an on-board microprocessor that allows the operator to download a part program directly to the mill, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated computer for operation. The 5400 CNC Mill also supports low voltage communications with robotic units and devices to create automated work cells ideal for flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). The Level 4 (Windows) mill software uses today’s EIA standard G- and M-codes and features Tool Path Simulation to simulate tool motion on a monitor. CAD/CAM Link II™ software is also available, which allows students to display intricate CAD and CAM designs using the software’s true three-dimensional capabilities. All Lab-Volt Automation CNC machines have been designed for complete safety.

Topics Covered include:

  • Introduction to CNC
  • Machine & Components
  • Tools & Tooling
  • Basic Programming
  • Machine Operation
  • Maintenance
  • History of CNC
  • Enter a Program into a Computer
  • Identify Components on the CNC Mill
  • Identify X-, Y-, and Z-axis Movements on the Mill
  • Write and Execute a Program to Mill a Shoulder, Drill a Hole, and Mill a Pocket
  • Calculate and Program Cutter Clearances
  • Machine a Complex Part
  • Pocket and Drill a Hole
  • Load and Execute a Part Program

Each kit includes:

  • 2 Lab Volt CNC Vertical Milling Machines
  • 6 Notebook Computers with CNC Software