Online Classes

Introduction to Veterinary Science
Grades 10-12; 1/2 credit

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  The basic concepts of veterinary medicine are presented. The course focuses on the different body systems of the major species of pets and domesticated agricultural animals. Each lesson examines concepts in veterinary medicine to provide the student with a broad understanding to today’s field of veterinary science. The final lesson is a career research project which gives students the opportunity to investigate a specific career in veterinary medicine.

Grades 10-12; 1 credit

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Students who take this course will learn about the field of marketing by exploring a variety of marketing functions such as advertising, management, sales, service, pricing, internet marketing, and careers in marketing. It is designed to help prepare the student for the business world of today and tomorrow.

Medical Terminology
Grades 10-12; 1 credit

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course, students will develop skills necessary for decoding of commonly used medical terms. Students will learn the meaning of medical suffixes, prefixes, and word roots. Students will learn terminology associated with the body systems, diseases and disorders of those systems. Student will be expected to use correct spelling and pronunciation of medical terms they have learned. Students will also learn common medical abbreviations. This course is a self-paced course.