Introduction to Cyber Security/Mobile Applications Development

Course Title: Introduction to Cyber Security
Grades 9-12; 1/2 Credit; 18 Weeks

Course Description
Introduction to Cyber Security covers trends in cyber security and career opportunities. Course modules will define cyber security, explain why it’s important, and introduce products and processes used to secure data. Students will also explore why cyber security is critical in business and medical industries, how hackers use unsuspecting individuals to propagate malware, and why cyber security is a growing profession.


Course Title: Mobile Application Development
Grades 9-12; 1/2 Credit; 18 Weeks

Course Description:
This course will introduce students to mobile application development and management using a variety of commercial and open source software. Topics to be included in the course are: (1) Installation and modification of application; (2) Code modification; (3) Design and implementation; (4) Database systems management; (5) Security; and (6) Customer Service.