Marketing/Sports Marketing

Grades 10-12; 1 credit

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Marketing I is an introductory course in the marketing curriculum with an emphasis in general business, retailing, marketing, merchandising, and management.  Instructional areas also covered include salesmanship, business math, human relations, communications, and workplace skills.  This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the marketing program.  The second semester of study in marketing includes retailing, visual merchandising, merchandise management, inventory control, buying and pricing, advertising development and media selection, and sales promotion.

Grades 10-12; 1 credit

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Sports & Entertainment Marketing is a business course designed to use today’s broad based athletic, sports and entertainment dynamic as a foundation for students to learn communications skills in concert with advertising, sales, marketing, and media development.  Students will learn how to develop marketing strategies with a focus on advertising media targeted at the world of college and professional athletics and major entertainment venues.  The final project for the class will consist of student developed multi-media presentations for the marketing of a professional athletic team or major entertainment attraction.  Internet marketing activities will include learning how to utilize Google research and marketing tools and how to market and sell items with on-line auction tools including actual set-up and live sales on E-Bay.